The Story Behind

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My name is Slav and I am a health leader! During my entire life I have been exploring various ancient and modern cultures, their traditional ways to treat the human body and mind and their ways of enriching people’s lives.

My personal journey to healthier and more fulfilled life began with my interest in the ancient Chinese culture. This led me to the knowing of the cultures of the other Ancient Eastern Nations. I spend some time at East studying the principles and worldview of those cultures, their philosophy and the way they serve to the human well being.

Trying to enlarge my areas of expertise, I started to combine the latest scientific studies with the laws of the traditional eastern studies and created a unique system. I consider we are all unique and should not be treated equivalently. Applying the latest scientific researches and adding the knowledge of the Ancient sages, I treat each person holistically and help them to enrich their lives and change for better.


My Team

I gathered a team of great people to help me spread my teaching and to be able to reach and help more people. Together we created New Wellness Way to express our ideas, views and worldviews. New Wellness Way is to be a symbol of modern lifestyle, love and care to yourself and your loved ones, a way to enrich and fulfill your life. Our mission is to teach people how to take care about their health and well being. It is to teach people that we all consist of two components – our body and our soul and both of them have their own demands and needs. If we understand our nature and if we are able to treat them in the way they need, we will be able to take our well being in our own hands.

Meet Val

Val is a personal coach and trainer. She became my student years ago and started assisting me in my classes. She is a New Wellness Way co-founder and trainer.

““I met Slav when I was nineteen. It was like a destiny. I was totally blown by the skills he demonstrated and the eagerness to help the others. He is very passionate about everything he is doing and when he is teaching, he passes to us his great attitude and mindset.“, says Val

Val is a New Wellness Way co-founder and coach. She teaches classes of weight loss, womens self defense and Eastern energy and qigong practices. Even though she has years of experience, she always says that continuing to study new things every day is the best way to invest in yourself.

Meet Nick

Nick is the person who puts the things in order. He is doing all the boring stuff and never complaints about it 🙂

Nick is doing all the technical and administrative work. Thanks to him everything is going smoothly and we can focus on delivering the best value to you.

We all strive to pass our knowledge and expertise to our students. We will be extremely happy to have you in our community. If you would like to receive quality information that will help you think, feel and act in your own favor, changing your life for better, then just sign up for our newsletter. With signing up you will receive my free report “Lose weight fast and easy”. Sign up here.

Don’t be afraid of moving forward, because

Today you make tomorrow!

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